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extra virgin olive oil

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Extra virgin olive oil of limited edition to celebrate Marina Colonna’s 25 years of commitment to her Estate in Molise and Molensis is the Latin word to define the region;
it’s the blend of the three best varieties of the Colonna groves.
The bouquet presents its herbaceous scent, a good charge of green and herbaceous fruitiness, with clear notes of vegetables: green tomato and artichoke.
It has a pleasant taste, a medium fruity with hints of unripe almonds and grass; a grassy aftertaste with balanced bitter and pungent notes make this oil ideal and versatile, at its best “a crudo”, drizzled on your favourite dishes.
Perfect to finish dishes such as meat or fish carpaccio, steak tartare and barbeques or to enhance the flavor of soups, pureed and simply boiled vegetables, for an extra touch to very simple dishes.

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