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Marina Colonna

Extra virgin olive oil of limited edition to celebrate Marina Colonna’s 25 years of commitment to her Estate in Molise and Molensis is the Latin word to define the region;
it’s the blend of the three best varieties of the Colonna groves.
The bouquet presents its herbaceous scent, a good charge of green and herbaceous fruitiness, with clear notes of vegetables: green tomato and artichoke.

Extra virgin olive oil and essential oil of lemons. Suitable for fish, as a marinade for shell fish, raw and smoked fish as well as a dressing for cured and dried meats. It is also excellent as a dip, on steamed and stir-fried vegetables. Many assortments of pasta and rice dishes. It is recommended when baking cakes and biscuits.

Extra virgin olive oil and essential oil of tangerines. The warm sweet aroma of mandarins is released each time the bottle is opened. Excellent in exotic salads and to marinate raw, smoked and shell fish. It is also ideal in making sweet pastry, in biscuits and cakes.

Extra virgin olive oil and essential oil of bergamot. Golden yellow in color with green hues, it has an intense aroma with a floral aftertaste. We suggest using this oil as a dressing for raw fish carpaccio, pasta with clams or with fish roe, grilled shrimps and salmon, shell fish salads. It is also ideal to marinate shellfish, baked fish and game. Best ingredient for crêpes, biscuits, sorbets and ice creams.